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About Us

Children’s Community Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation supported by a team of internationally-renowned professionals and parents with significant knowledge and expertise in the field of children, family and child care.

The foundation aims to act as an independent voice on the national and international stage for child protection, child development, research, education and parenting support. It aims to bring the concept of community to its various media platforms.

Our Vision

To develop and provide high quality and innovative services and projects for children and young people, where they can experience the benefits of a supportive and caring environment which enhances and maximises their potential.

To work towards a society which ensures that every child has the best start in life and prospects for a better future. To develop the Children’s Community Foundation which will tenaciously pursue its mission without fear, favour or compromise and to continually ensure that the best interests, human rights and protection of the child are placed before all other considerations. We achieve our mission by combining the power of education, campaigning and developing innovative projects and services.

Our Aims

We strive to have a strong and quality-driven service for children, with a growing presence throughout India. The development of the organisation has been motivated by our commitment to transform the lives of vulnerable children towards more positive outcomes with respect to their health, social wellbeing, educational and economic opportunity.


To develop a structure that enables us to maintain a high level of local, regional and national presence in India.


To always apply a child-centred approach where the welfare of the child is at the centre of everyone’s thinking and actions.


To ensure that we safeguard the welfare of every child and young person under our auspices.


To offer services users, parents, schools, governments and other NGOs safe and high quality services with tangible, positive outcomes for children.


To develop projects that will provide every child with opportunity to gain social mobility, freedom to be heard and create better citizens for tomorrow.


To develop children’s services where partnership, professionalism, respect, integrity and fairness are central to all aspects of operations.

Our People

We are a professional, ethical team who is caring, committed and collaborative.

Shilpa Anand

Founder Trustee

Tim McArdle


Ashish Bajaj


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